Monday, May 28, 2007

I am exploding with energy at the moment. I walked home last night, and I was so energised that I felt like breaking into a run 3/4 of the way......of course I didn't as us power lifters don't do that!

I hammered it at spin class this morning, and I have really exhausted myself. Not to mention the fact that my metabolism is on fire and I am pretty hungry! I spent about 30 minutes this morning getting all my food together for the day.This is a task I normally do in the fastest possible time, but I am so excited about all the new and yummy things I am eating that I had a great time.

I do have a stiff neck that is interupting my sleeping - which I am having a treatment on today, and my tummy is a little upset, but that is all I have to complain about right now. I am expecting everything to settle down over time. Besides I am asking my body to do some pretty crazy stuff; it is sure to complain on occassion.


LizN said...

You sound like you're caning it Lisa ;)

Keep it up :)

Liz ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks to you :-)

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