Saturday, June 09, 2007

My training this past week has been very strong. I did a training PB in my bench, and both my squat and deadlift were very strong lifts. All sets were 6 reps, and I did between 4 to 5 on each focus lift. The max weight is below;

  • Squat 70kgs
  • Bench 52.5 kgs
  • Deadlift 100 kgs
I also did
  • 1 spin class
  • 1 Bikram Yoga class
  • 2 power walks
As the weights are starting to get heavier I was feeling very fatigued by the end of my last session and I will ensure I get more rest this week.
Nationals are 7 weeks away, and from Tuesday I go to sets at 5 reps. The weight will just slowly creep up each week, and I will start using my suits in a couple of weeks. Rest and recovery will be key.

I ordered a new squat suit yesterday. It is like this one below, but RED.

This is the squat suit equivalent of the deadlift suit I bought for the last comp. That suit was so much more supportive and comfortable than the entry level suit I had been wearing, so I am expecting a confidence lift in the squat by just putting it on. So my squat suit is RED, my bench shirt is black, and my deadlift suit is blue.

I can't wait - although I do get nervous thinking about it.



Splice said...

Oh you will stand out in red lol.
Your doing really well on your lifts Lisa, great work :-)

Lisa said...

I love red, so maybe it will make me stronger too,

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