Sunday, July 22, 2007

My time of planning..

Sunrise in Brisbane. I have been waking early as I am going to bed early- actually crashing on the couch - and as a result I am up before Sunrise. I really enjoy this time of the day, as I get to log on to work and clear a lot of items, see what is happening for the day then make a plan on how to cope with the busy day ahead. Today I do feel like there is so much to do that I am getting a little out of control, so after doing the urgent items I closed my work down. I have a resource issue at work and until that is addressed the stress will continue to build and more will not get done. I have realised this morning that I need to choose the things I will do and be comfortable with the fact that I can do no more if I want quality of life. So, pushing that out of my mind until later this morning, I am now focusing on my squat session. breath and reboot

There will be 3 of us doing last squats today at the gym, and it will be great to have other competitors lifting so the atmosphere will be sensational. It is just what I need right now to move me from nerves to adrenalin! Of course I will lift first as I am the only girl and do the lightest lifts, but that helps me deal with the nerves for Saturday anyway. I like watching other lifters as there is so much to learn from successful lifters like Nic and Pavel.

Off to get my long black, then a big feed of oats, PB's!!!!!!!!


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