Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am very challenged right now; or to be more specific my mind is. I have so many thoughts, questions, concerns and emotions that keeping level is becoming tough. Now don't get me wrong I am not a basket case, but the difference between approaching a bar knowing you have the lift and thinking it will be heavy is the difference between good lifter and champions......and I wanna be a champion!!!!

I have an excellent team supporting me, not to mention the unwavering support of my family but when that "bar is loaded" it is up to me and my preparation. Even though I have a weight management and nutrition plan, I sometimes go to training with the worry of dropping another 3 kgs. I attempt a deadlift and it is heavy, and I think it feels heavier than last comp; I must be loosing strength. I freak out that the Commonwealth Titles is less than 6 weeks away and I don't deserve to be going. Crazy thoughts.....driving me crazy!!!

Then I push out a comp PB twice in training and I am on fire and I am going to smash it at comp. What a roller coaster ride....

At Goodlife last week one of the sales consultants came up to me and said how they were talking about me, how amazing it is that I can do chin ups and that she has watched me doing my power lifting. She told me I was "Wonderwoman" - I just smiled and said thank you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

hang in there, use your support team, stay strong and just enjoy the ride. You will ACHIEVE!! (mind you I know all about those fn mind games just be strong!!).


Lisa said...

Thanks honey

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, If you werent "mental" you wouldnt be you are normal but you aint cause you are SUPER STRONG...!!! hee hee

Dont ever underestimate the power of the mind (i'm a HUGE believer in this kinda stuff) You are a CHAMPION, you're going to absolutely SMASH it :)

Half your mind must still be on holidays, kick that half in the butt and you'll be right :) ferny x

Lisa said...

Yes Maam!

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