Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yep, it hurts.

I really had to work today, but O guess that is deadlifting for you. after the warm up 1 rep @ 110kgs, 5 reps @ 100kgs, then 2 sets of 5 @ 90kgs. I am currently deadlifting at Goodlife and it is not really the atmosphere for hardcore lifting so we are off the Uni PL club next week. We started squatting there last week and it really improves the head space. I am suffering CNS fatigue right now, the first time this preparation......I can bearly type I am so whacked.

I feel the lifitng was OK, but not sensational and I need to address my mental approach.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Just checking in on you and your mental approach. How are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Ciao Lisa!

Just catching up on your blog! Sounds like you have had a lovely holiday but welcome back to hard core training honey! Man you are SO STRONG!!! If ya dont mind, you'll be my motivation for my training sessions!! I'm still toying with the idea of PL, i've just started a new job, so once i've settled, i'm going to look into it much more seriously!!! I wanna be a mini-you!!!!!!!!!

Ferny xxx

PS:What are vital greens supps?? Is it vege tablets??

Lisa said...

Hi Combat girl,

The mental battle is on going, and I am struggling with the highs and lows. I guess that is part of life as an athlete.

Hi Fern,

You are so sweet! The greens are a powder form and easily mix into cold green tea or shakes. They are a super food and have really amped up my recovery.


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