Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have been flying....well to Sydney and back anyway. I have been away for a few days for work, and am so pleased to be home. It has meant that this week I will miss my 5th lifting session, however this is not a bad thing as my body can do with the rest right now.

On Monday I had a sensational bench session and benched my comp PB of 70kgs twice. I am doing a different style of training where we load up on a 1 rep max lift and then drop about 10% for 5 reps. I quite enjoyed it, and it is very confidence boosting to see those big numbers up there so far out from competition. I am deadlifitng today, and last week's session was very promising however it is a menacing lift and quite frankly scares my quite a bit. I know I have written this before but it is just all hard work and pain. It is the one lift where I really need to be present and prepared mentally without distraction.

Off to work.....then big lifting.


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Splice said...

Well done on the bench PB, 70kgs is a heck of a lot of weight!
Hope the dead lifting went well.

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