Saturday, October 20, 2007

This preparation I have been working with Liz on the Precision Nutrition (PN) eating lifestyle. I have to say that I am absolutely loving it and expect that it will be this way forever. My lifting is progressing well with increases in strength and speed, but best of all my recovery is pretty amazing. After one full week of training - 5 lifting session and 3 HIIT session - I should be unable to move but I am just a little tight. I have been using my bench shirt which causes laceration under the arms that usually take 1 week to heal. However right now with the combination of the superfoods from PN and my trusty arnica cream I am healing with 36 hours. I am spending a significant amount of time ensuring that I am complying with the program however I believe it will give me another 20kgs in 7 weeks time and that will qualify me for World Titles next year, so it is worth it.

I am a girl who loves her vegetables. I mean I have no issue eating them at every meal, so when the PN plan includes the use of a greens supplement I thought it wasn't meant for me. However I bought them and now I can't live without them. Goes to show that even the most disciplined of us can always do with more veggies!

It is 6.30am on Sunday and I am having my first meal which is a super shake consisting of;

  • soy milk
  • iced green tea
  • greens
  • vege protein
  • glutamine
  • hazelnut spread

I know it sounds odd, but it is a amazing and will set me up for the day.

This week I benched 60kgs, squatted 65kgs, and deadlifted 90kgs. My bench was with a shirt so it is about 10kgs higher than a raw lift, but it does seem odd to be benching almost as much as I am squatting. Obviously the squat will increase soon, but we have done a lot of work on the bottom of the squat and are being careful to keep the new groove!

Well, now that my shake is finished I am going to get out and have a nice long steady state walk to loosen my glutes from yesterday's squat session.



Anonymous said...

We all have to find what works for our bodies, so no I don't find your meal strange at all. :o)

Anonymous said...

ohh I doLOL!! Still love ya thoughxx

Lisa said...

hey girls, it was so yummy I might have it again today.

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