Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My natural love of all things organic and healthy is reinforced every day as I am lucky enough to live next door to an organic health store; otherwise known as the the hippie store. My daughter recently started working there after school and on the weekends which pleases me incredibly. She is also a lover of health and fitness and having access to naturopaths so early in her adult life is very fortunate.
Today the manager made up some herbs for me to help me cope with the stress, bring down my fluid and generally keep my energy up and I felt like I was flying after the first dose. One of the great benefits of having a 'clean' system is that these types of remedies are immediately effective. I know Rod will be very happy today to have a calm athlete at training!!


Anonymous said...

hi Lisa,

How lucky are you!!!

That's awesome that you have calmed down, it still can't hide the excitement thoughLOL!

Just out of curiosity what did the naturopath give you to bring down the fluid (just asking coz I retain 3kg of fluid each month with PMS and I would LOVE for it to STOP!!!)

Have fun training.

Combat Girl

Lisa said...

Hey how are you doing?

The mixture is celery, echinacea, korean ginseng, withania and licorice. The celery is for the fluid& one of the other is for the adrenal gland - which controls stress and impact on fluid retention (I think). She also gave me Vit B complex that goes with the celery.

Anonymous said...

I am doing great thank you.

I am loving reading your blog, I swear I can feel your excitementLOL!!

I actually just went and bought some vitamins to help me out I think Vit B is included along with chromium for carb cravings and zinc and something else.

I wonder which one is for stress, I should have some in bucket loadsLOL.

Keep smiling

CG xx

Lisa said...

You should talk with a naturopath..they are great value.

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