Thursday, January 24, 2008


This pic is me lifting 130kgs at the Comm Titles last December, and that is the amount I was rack deadlifting today in my training session for 5 reps. The bar is placed on a rack below the knee (so it is off the floor), working on the lock out section of the lift. This has been my sticking point so coach is hammering this portion of the lift.

Other changes have been my shoes - currently wearing only socks, and we have been doing a heap of work on activating my abs to get the entire mid section to fire at the same time. So far so good and today 130kgs flew up with heaps of power. I haven' t felt this positive about my deadlift since July last year.

I am very positive that the squat technique is starting to stick, and my bench is coming up Rod says "you have the good coach!"



Combat Girl said...

Good to hear its all coming along nicely.


Charlotte Orr said...

Great work Lisa! Will be thinking of you next time I do deadlifts

Raechelle said...

Ow! that looks painful! I bet this is one of those shots that freaks your mom out...with the red upper body-LOL
Doing awesome!

Lisa said...

Yes, this is one of those pics that Mum hates...I work hard to get those veins to pop out!

Lyndsay said...

I love hearing about all the technical stuff! Thanks for those Bench tips too - I'll be trying it out on Tues!
Can I ask why do you do lift in only socks?

Lisa said...

Why just socks?? Good question. Well if you dead in bare feet or socks, you can get better glute activation for the power drive at the end of the lift. You can pushing thru your heals better the flater your feet are on the ground..give it a go.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa I admire you to death!!!!!!! You are just going from strength to strength!!!! I'm so happy to be a blogger now!! WOOHOO I so wanna be YOU when i grow up!!!!! ;) Miss Tank :)

Lisa said...


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