Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let me up date you on my journey of the new and improved squat technique. Just before Xmas Rod and I went and saw the "Squat Legend" and he advised changes in just about every aspect of my squat. We decided (ok Rod decided) that 1 step back, 2 steps forward was a good plan. So i sucked it up and started to learn to squat again. Firstly there was no bar, then just the bar and after one month I have progressed to 40kgs. In that time I have suffered hip flexor over use, glute medius activation issue, left knee pain and on most squat days a general feeling of frustration and occasional disappointment. Rod tells me that I am progressing...and I know I am, and I know it will be worth it in the end (sounds like something my Mum would say.)

So far I have gone to a wider stance, new foot placement, lower bar position, different elbow position, new knee movement, corrected ab activation and tension, smaller squat was an extreme makeover!

Just when I thought there was nothing else to change; THE SHOES. I have had these shoes since I started powerlifting. I learnt to squat in them, but as you can see from the pic they have a slight raise in the heel and under heavy load that does push you forward on your toes and you can't drive out of the heels. So my beloved Adidas shoes are at the shoe repairer having the soles flattened to bring my heels on the same level as my toes.

So in the interim I am going high tech with the converse all stars. I have seen guys on youtube squat 1000lbs in all stars, so I reckon they might just stand up to the 50kgs I am going to put thru them today!

Today Wonder Woman trades her silver and red shoes for white sneakers!



JC said...

wow, this blog is awesome!!!

Lisa said...

Well thanks jc! Make sure you keep visiting as I rip up the big iron!


PS I might have to get into some of that food on yours!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your squats today in the new shoes.

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