Sunday, January 27, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham
Ok, so maybe not. However rather than get bored on my "lean and green protocol" (which only has a few more days to go), I decided to get creative. Actually Krista gave me another virtual kick up the butt and as usual I have come out fighting!
This morning I made panckes with kiwi fruit puree. I am not good in the kitchen, and in fact even my teenagers prefer cook for themselves, but I came up with this idea last night and I am pretty pleased with the result. It is egg whites (yes, I normally eat the yolks), pea protein powder & kiwi fruit, then more kiwi fruit on the top. I also had a handful of cashews to make up for not eating the yolks! It tasted pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds pretty good.

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