Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bench Focus Day

The volume theme is going to continue for the next 3-4 weeks Rod tells me today, as he made me rip through my sets. The strategy is to get my general conditioning up to cope with comp day demands. By the last bench set I was hammered - never thought I could get so fatigued by benching.

I am using light equipment now to prepare for comp, so I used a loose bench shirt. I haven't had a shirt on since Dec so it was a bit of a shock. However I did well and had a great first heavy session.

Bench 4 x6 reps @ 60kgs

Rack deadlifts 3 x 3 @100kgs

Goodmorning 4 x 6 @60kgs

tricep pushdown
This all took 90 minutes, plus another 20 mins on the treadmill.


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