Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do you hate your thighs?

For so many years I remember hating my thighs. I was “bottom heavy” and I always thought that my top half was normal and it seemed unfair that my thighs were so big in comparison. I hated getting in to swimmers and found all sorts of reasons to avoid these occasions. Even when I got in shape , it was as though my top half and bottom half were made from 2 different people. I recall preparing for my first body building and being between 11-13% body fat during the final months and still having bad thighs – loose skin and cellulite. I was distraught at the thought of getting on stage and looking fabulous, until I turned around and the whole world would see that I didn’t deserve to be there. In that first comp I did manage to get lean enough, but the following 2 years I wasn’t quite there.

I have spent so much energy on worry about either the size of my thighs or cellulite that it would power a small nation (and maybe financially support it for a while too). I recall many people telling me that you can’t change your body type, and everyone has their flaws so live with it. Well as you can see from the photo above you can change your body shape, you can develop high round glutes and balance your body. You can see from my picture from 2001 I was bottom heavy, and unless you knew me back then you never would have guessed now. In fact I had lunch with Liz Nelson today and she was shocked that I was once “hippy”.

Of course the secret to developing these muscles is activation and pushing heavy weights in the gym over a long period of time. I am more than happy to share these booty building exercises to one and all. Now I haven’t quite kicked all the cellulite yet, but I guess no is perfect!



Anonymous said...

Love the new header and boy do I have some catching up to do. Can't wait to read where you're up to with everything. Talk soon. :o) xx

Combat Girl said...

That pic does not even look anything like you!!

I agree with the comment that we all should just live with our flaws and get on with life. Why waste time worrying.


Lisa said...

Hey Lia, yes I have been a busy blogger lately. My teenage daughter is my creative designer!

Hey Theo, yes we all need to make to most of what we have.


Anonymous said...

*raises hand* i hate my thighs, always have done. Im your typical brit, if i look at anything that contains more than 2% fat (which is everything!!) the weight goes straight to my thighs.

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