Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is a post I wrote some time ago and never published. It is more in line with the "tough love" approach, but I think it holds the truth to my current peace and balance. I know I owe you all a post on how to achieve that balance, but the first step is personal responsibility. Every day, every meal, every workout counts, and if you don't make them count you are choosing to be a little less than what you desire to be.


I’m just doing it.......

I have just turned 40. I am in great physical shape and a member of the Australian Power lifting team. I also have a successful professional career, 2 very switched on teenage kids, sexy hubby, great family and some incredibly fulfilling friendships with amazing people.

I eat clean, I train every week, I spend significant effort on recovery, I supplement, have massages, acupuncture & saunas. I do this every day, every week, every month........you get the idea. This is my lifestyle and I love it, everyone who knows me understands that this is my life.
A lot of people look at me and ask how I do it all. They ask for advice on fitness, weight loss, nutrition etc. Now as much as I don’t want to sound like a Nike slogan, the answers to all of these question is ....... just do it.

Before you think I am a saint or a nutter, my recent experience in the Australian Power lifting team has given me the opportunity to meet a number of same minded individuals, many of whom are older than me and I am extremely comforted by the fact that I am not alone, and the future looks very active for me. A lot of these people aren’t elite athletes; they are just regular people with respect for their health.

I was having lunch with an overweight girlfriend recently and she told me that “this time” she was going to lose weight by sticking to her diet and exercise program and it would all start on Monday. I challenged her and said “why don’t you start now “(it was Friday lunch). She looked at me horrified as apparently there were parties planned over the weekend and it would have to wait. So apparently going to parties and living lean are incompatible...........hmmm I must have missed this announcement.

At dinner 2 nights later (yes I do eat out a lot), another girlfriend wanting to shed a few kilos and get some tone challenged me to find a way to motivate her to “get her to the gym”. Now as you can see from the top of this article I am a pretty busy woman. Motivation is your own personal domain, and if loosing lean muscle, gaining body fat and a general deterioration caused by aging isn’t sufficient to get you moving what makes you think I can provide any additional impetus, especially when all of the above are a major reason I look after myself?

Over the past 10 years of my wellness journey I have seen many things, read mountains of magazines and books, attended seminars, training courses and talked to many people. I have also experimented with many fads and methodologies, so I have a pretty fair foundation to form an opinion on why so many people are unfit, overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. However I am going to refrain from advice, theories or explanations simply because there is so much information and education already available.

So what is my point? My point is that your body is your responsibility. To build a strong and functional body with endless vitality and to remain youthful and energised into old age YOU must take responsibility and simply DO IT.

If you don’t want to look after yourself, that is your choice........but stop freakin asking me how I do it because I am too busy being fabulous!!!


Anonymous said...

Great post, love it. Couldnt agree more, everything comes down to personal responsibility and accountablity.

Also love the new header, very nice.

LizN said...

"Just do it" may sound hokey, but truer words were never spoken - you go girl :)


Anonymous said...

LOL Lisa,

Yes you are fabulous!!

Awesome post and re your daughter, well unfortunately I think we all have put ourselves first at some stage but I think we are strong enough therefore our kids are even stronger having such fine role models.


Raechelle said...

Yep-True blue! Over the past few months -I've found myself saying the same thing to people (when they ask, of course)..."just get off your bum and do it"....it's not that hard (to be healthy); JUST DO IT!
(and yeah-stop asking how!-LOL)

Shar said...


Do I have permission to direct people here to read it please (from my blog)?

Shar x

Lisa said...

It seems like we are all in sync with this frustration!

Shar, feel free to direct people here. I am glad you think my words are interesting.


Magda said...


this is the post I hope I can make some time in the (not too distant) future. Although I have no aspirations to be a world class powerlifter its the essence of it which is very uplifting and inspirational.

I loved it :-)


Lisa said...


Powerlifting was my way to the truth in all of this, but it could have been something else that brought me balance. You will find your way, just don't give up.


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