Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A time for reflection on my choices.
This is my 16 yr old daughter Charlotte. She is a member of the school girls rowing squad I train 2 mornings a week and today she suffered a minor muscle strain at the end of the session. The squad leaves to compete at National Titles in 5 days, so I hurriedly made an appointment to get her worked on. In the past I would reschedule my first few meetings, drop her off, pick her up, leave $20 in the counter, blow her a kiss, then run out the door and spend the next 6 hours calling in to see how she was feeling; I am exhausted even writing all that down.
Today that was my immediate plan, however when I got to the part where I pick her up and leave, I stopped. What was I leaving for? My daughter is a junior athlete with an injury, and stressed about Year 11, part time work, other teenage stuff and the pressure of doing well at National Titles. This sounds like me; if she needs anyone right now it is me. So I stayed at home and am working here (in between blogging). The truth is there is nothing more important right now than my daughter. So I wonder how many times in the past I chose to live my busy life, over the most important things in my life? I can't change the past, but I can change the direction of the future.
Well time to get domestic and make both of us lunch.
PS Charlotte created the new look of my blog.


Helen said...

Not quite sure what to comment on, only that my niece couldn't wish for a better example, friend and mum than you.

kel x

Shar said...

Hey again

This struck a cord, having a decsions to make at the mo about the direction of my life, work etc.

Nothing more important than those you love, thats for damn sure.

Shar x

Lisa said...

Thanks kel.

Hey Shar, family is most important but you still need a balance as well so you don't loose yourself.


LizN said...

Tell Charlotte she's a legend - she's done a great job on your blog :)


Lisa said...

Liz, all that time on laptops and mysapce does come in handy from time to time.


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