Thursday, April 17, 2008

9 day out...not such a great day
Good days and bad days are part of everyones life and I am not immune to that. Despite raving about how I had control of my new bench shirt on Sunday, today Rod was not able to get in on my arms properly (fluid retention of some cause), and as a result we struggled for 45 mins to get it on doing rep after rep at 70kg to get my groove. When I finally stuck my line the shirt was so constricting on my arms it had to come off due the the pins and needles and loss of power in my left arm . Two hours later my arms are still aching. I had some new eg white protein powder this morning, which may have caused the bloating.
On the positive side, once I got in to it I was fine so I just need to keep that in my mind and focus for Sunday's lifts. The new shirt is a risk , but one I believe is worth it. Only time will tell though.

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