Friday, April 11, 2008

I am nuts today!!!
In fact it is not just nuts, it is avocado, fatty fish egg yolks, butter etc. I am on a fat mission to consume 100gms of fat, or 900 calories , plus 200gm of protein (800 cals), and 50gms of carbs - which I took care of in my porridge this morning.
The reason? My metabolism is running a little slow from the process of loosing 3.5kgs since Feb, and I have that feeling of fatigue today. I also am craving nuts, so Krista has ordered me to EAT!! Yeah - bring that on baby!!!
I am great shape for my comp, I deadlifted 135kgs yesterday to add to my bench and squat this week. My mind is focused and positive, my weight is good - just plateaued and we need to give it a kick. So I am obeying orders with glee!!

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