Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So many people can understand how my daughter can have the power to be a great school girl rower, but they usually look at me and say .." but aren't rowers tall?" Well, yes they are, and yes she is. In fact she is about 5inches taller than me.

It is quite interesting to see how similar physiques can be suitable for different sports with some additional height (or lack of it).

I had a rest day yesterday - well needed, and today I have my second bench day when I do board work. In powerlifting circles this generally means different sized phone books taped together and strapped to the chest to limit the range of motion and work the triceps and lock out. As we use bench shirts this type of work becomes very important as the shirt assists moving the bar off the chest, but the triceps then need to be unusually strong to kick in and lock the bench out.

I have a goal of being able to do 3 reps at 90kgs on a 2 board press before the comp. Last week I did 85kgs, and I am feeling strong - no HUGE - today, so today I will hit 87.5kgs.

I have a busy day, so I must get back to it!

Be Happy and Strong!!!!!



Splice said...

Your daughter is beautiful :-)

LizN said...

I concur with Debs, Miss C is a gorgeous honey...just like Mom :)

Not long now Miss Phone Book Bencher :)

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