Sunday, May 24, 2009

My alarm went off at 5.15am for me to get ready to go to CrossFit, and my first response was to roll over and hit snooze. It is not that I don't want to train, it is just that it is so early after sleeping in each day over the weekend and waking up about 7am.

I last competed on 1st October last year, and since then I have been having a pretty regular life of family, friends, work training -in that order. I "found" CrossFit recently and the past 3 weeks have been great for me, and I decided on the weekend that I would use CrossFit to get back into condition. So this is the time that I move from interest to commitment, and commitment implies getting my big girl panties on and deal.... I just had to smile the whole way through the following;

  • Four rounds for time of:
  • 30m Walking lunge, carrying 15kg plate
  • 24 inch Box Jump, 30 reps
  • Pull-ups, 20 reps
  • ...just over 23 mins

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