Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Work out of the Day 13th May
  • Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps
  • Finisher 10 min Double Under test

A double under is a skip that has the rope go under the feet twice before you jump again.

So I am about to go to training and I have just visit the CrossFit site to see what the WOD is. So I can back squat, although I haven't back squatted heavy for a few months, however my double unders are terrible. This is what I am loving ab out CrossFit; there is always a component I can do, and a component I either have never done or I am terrible at. I am enjoying the challenge of the new, but it is balanced by aspects that I can complete so I don't get totally frustrated. I also love not knowing what tomorrow holds in store. I have to say though I am doing a lot of squatting - overhead, front, body weight and now back squats today.

So back from training.....they didn't like my back squats, and while I admit to being out of form and a bit messy, I think it is one of those religious discussions about who does it right and who does it wrong. I think I will modify to keep them happy, but they will need to compromise as well. One thing I have found in the fitness industry every group thinks they are right and can back it up with valid arguments and research, with very little flexibility to accept others methods. So I will keep my opinions to myself and just keep having fun.

I did have progress on the double unders - still feel like a doofus, but I got into a sequence of doing 3 skips, and 1 double under pretty consistently. Next time I will try for 2 skips and 1 double under. Fun!!


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