Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Uh ha moment! (again)

I am at the point in my life that I can admit to making mistakes, even when I really would have loved to have been right. This morning's work out of the day was one of the CrossFit bench mark work outs called "Fran".


  • 21-15-9 reps for time:-
  • Thrusters 42kg (30kg)
  • Pullups
I am now in my 7th week of Crossfit from a relatively unfit start. I was sore and tired this morning form the previous 2 days' work outs and my plan was to do a lighter thruster and work harder on my pullups. I have been doing jumping pullups and gradually moving to smaller boxes every couple of week and today I planned to jump of 3 weight plates. On telling my plan to Matt he told me it was a cop out and I should do more than the 20kgs planned on the thruster. He said " ....at 10am today how will you feel about going light on the thrusters? Any achievement on the improvement on the pullups will be lessened because you didn't push your thrusters."

I dropped my bottom lip, added 5kgs to my bar and scanned my memory to where I had put my voodoo doll and knew exactly what I would be thinking at 10am when I was inserting those pins!!!!

I completed my first Fran with 25kg thrusters and jumping pull ups in just under 10 mins.

So how do I feel at 10am? He was right. I wouldn't have felt that the increase in difficulty in the pullups was as valid if I had have ripped through an easy set of 20kg thrusters. In fact I could have done 27.5kgs or even the rxd weight of 30kgs. It would have taken more time and I would have been in a more pain, but I could have done it.

I know Matt well enough that he didn't tell me to increase the weight just so he could be right (although tomorrow when I tell him he was right & I was being soft, he will grin that evil smile), and this takes me back to when I first started to become a competitive powerlfiter.

The lesson that I have re learnt today is that it is ok to struggle, it is ok for the weight to be really heavy, it is ok to have doubts about abilities, and it is ok to fall......but it is not ok short yourself as you will never improve at anything.


Tearose said...

Hi Lisa, great post and that is so true! LOL about the voodoo doll.
Its such a great feeling to push yourself farther you then you thought you could go. Thanks!

sckhoo said...

great inspiration. Thanks.

LizN said...

I love this post, just love it!

Krista Schaus - Strength Coach said...

I did heavy fran myself on Monday!

95 lb BB Thrusters
25 lb pullups

Time: about 11:15

The toughest workout I have done in a long long time. Loved every second (and hated of course). Well done.

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