Friday, August 07, 2009

Hard'nup Challenge 2009 Workouts

Workout #1
For time:-
100 reps of "Chest to Overhead" (M:40kg/W:30kg)
(may be press, push press or push jerk)
Penalty of 10 x KB Swing (M:24kg/W:16kg) every time the bar is returned to the ground or is lowered from the chest to "hang" position. Penalty swings must be completed before picking the bar up again.
10 min time limit

Workout #2
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10mins of:-
7 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 50kg (35kg)
7 x Burpees

Workout #3
To be announced

I have no idea how I am going to do. I would never have imagined workout #1, and the pain of 100 overhead presses @30kgs will be crazy. Clearly you can't get through all 100 without a break and have to do the kettle bell swings. Luckily I am in heat 9 so I can watch how everyone else progresses.

Work out #2 - is not a light weight, and the reps are shorter so likely to play more to my strengths than against. Hell - after 100 overhead presses 2 hours earlier who know!!!

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