Saturday, August 01, 2009

My challenge - Pullups or death by burpees

I have taken up a challenge at Crossfit where the penalty for not completing it is 150 Burpees. I am very much of the opinion that out of all the standard skills @ Crossfit, burpees are the single exercise I am biomechanically designed not to do. When they come up I suck it up and do it, but accepting a penalty of 150 burpees on a challenge means that I am pretty keen to win it. So here is the challenge;

  • By the 1st of October I will have completed a Crossfit work out at rxd (prescribed weight) that includes pull ups.
  • Crossfit pullups require full extension of the arms at the bottom, chin clearing the bar with an over hand grip.
Now I know that doesn't look too difficult on paper, but when you consider that the best case scenario will have a minimum of 30 pull ups over 3 rounds, and more likely it will be 45 in a 21-15-9 combo I have my work cut out for me.

However the reason I accepted this challenge is that pull-ups are the only exercise holding me back from competing at rxd in all work outs (with the exception of a couple of obscure skills that very rarely come up due to their complexity).

So I have a plan that includes
  • slow lowers daily,
  • sets starting at 1 rep, 2 reps etc and then back to 1 rep on failure, daily
  • setting up a pullup bar at home
  • continued focus on nutrition - the less I weigh the less I have to pullup.
It is I hope I get this cause I don't think I would survive 150 burpees without going green.
( I am off to find one of those cute counter things to add to my blog)


Charlotte Orr said...

Great challenge! Look forward to reading how you get on!

Kerry W said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Can't wait to hear how you pull up ...he..he...pardon the

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